A Year in the Making


A Year in the Making is a project my artist group, Crooked Vision Artist Collective and I will be working on for all of 2023! Each of us have picked a small wooden shape to paint on, and, at the end of the year, all of our pieces will be hung together to show our progression over time! Here's a snippet from our proposal, written by the amazing Amber Wiesberg:

"A Year in the Making is a goal we set with ourselves to make a large number of artworks, in a short amount of time to rejuvenate our creativity. As four recent college graduates, we all slowed down in our art making in the absence of deadlines and assignments. We realized we needed a goal to strive for, so we came up with an idea. Based on a class we took in college where the goal was to make roughly 100 artworks in a semester, we could take that idea further by making even smaller work, that was more refined to fit with each of our unique styles, and make even more pieces throughout a year. These tiny pieces are used as a space to flush out ideas, try new techniques, and document our artmaking throughout the year.

Below is a documentation of the work I've done so far for this show! My initial goal was to make one painting every day, and although possible, was not respectful to my energy. Since then, I have revised my goal to "make a painting whenever you feel inspired." This revision has been essential to preventing burnout and keeping me enjoying this. I'm genuinely excited to wake up and make one of these little circles if I have time, and I owe it to these healthy boundaries I've set for myself!







I had a solo show this month and took a lil hiatus :D